SQL Sharper 2014

is coming out.

An add-in designed for SQL Server developers to make SSMS even more easy to use.

It supports SSMS 2014 now,while backward-compatible with SSMS 2012.

New features:
Query History


  1. Table Schema View
    Layout table schema in a visualized view,you can also edit table and column descriptions with it.
  2. Format SQL
    That's need not to say more ^_^
  3. Convert Values to Select-In Statement
    Format a group of irregular values which is one-per-line to IN clause,such as 'WHERE [ID] IN (1,
  4. CRUD Stored Procedure Generator
    Generate CRUD stored procedure from table node contextstrip menu.
  5. Export Database Document
    Output the whole database schema in a .htm or .doc file with in just one seconds,bacause they are cached.
  6. Export Data in Results Grid Pane
    Export results from Grid Pane to Open Xml Format (MS Excel 2007+) instead of built-in CSV output function.
  7. Database Object Finder
    Find and locate table,view,stored procedure or user defined function more quickly.
  8. Code Generator
    A template-based code generator for you to generate application code from table/view/stored procedure in C#/Java/PHP or other languages.
    There are some samples built in,for more,you should edit template by yourself.
  9. Query History
    A pane records every statements you executed.
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